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Welcome to the new school of golf design, where the artisan and master craftsman is at the forefront of the game again. It is through the process of building that the design evolves, and as a result, the course fits better into its unique environment. No two golf courses are the same. They all have different problems to solve, from location, to budget, and style. The entire design process must be tailored to its unique set of circumstances to maximize both the quality of the product, and its long term success. Jaeger Kovich, founded Proper Golf, with this philosophy after taking the time to study hundreds of great golf courses around the world, and building courses for Tom Doak, of Renaissance Golf Design, Gil Hanse, and others.

Jaeger Kovich and Proper Golf are committed to this new school of design, taking it back into the field, following in the footsteps of the minimalist movement, and the architects of the Golden Age. Proper Golf evolves from the combination of interesting design ideas, and their implementation into the unique set of circumstances of each course, through a highly involved, detailed design process. Jaeger Kovich personally dedicates his time and hard work to being on site, making sure that the best steps are taken to ensure that each project is as successful as possible.

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